Economics, Banking and Finance lectures, chats and thought-provoking blog posts

Economics lectures introducing first year undergraduates to the subject:

  1. The blurred interface between politics and economics
  2. Points of interest in market theory
  3. The supply side of the market and the importance of diagrams
  4. Market failure and market imperfections
  5. National statistics: useful or useless?
  6. Simple models to explain why economists support more or less economic intervention
  7. Inflation is a real problem and economic growth is a real solution
  8. Money, money supply, money creation, monetary demand and monetary policy
  9. Fiscal policy is great in theory and a failure in practice
  10. International economics, saving the best `til last

Banking and finance lectures introducing first year undergraduates to the subject:

  1. The roots of money, banking and finance
  2. Common confusions and the need to use terms correctly
  3. Inside and outside banking: the money and income multipliers
  4. The most misunderstood and misused terms in business and banking: capital adequacy & liquidity
  5. Are financial markets efficient?
  6. Should retail banking be separated from other forms of banking?
  7. Derivatives: the good, the bad and the ugly
  8. The Bank of England: villain or saviour
  9. Central Banks, deflations and depressions
  10. Central Banks, inflation, hyperinflation and depressions

Miscellaneous lectures with some controversy

  1. Does the economy need politicians and politics?
  2. Creating a more efficient tax and welfare system using Reverse Income Tax
  3. What the Chancellor of the Exchequer will do in the forthcoming budget and what won`t, but should be done
  4. Not only is Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) wrong, but it is dangerously wrong
  5. The wonders of free market capitalism
  6. Can economists explain/predict the forex rate of a currency
  7. Is crypto` the new gold standard?
  8. The Keynesian /monetarist debate
  9. Cause and cure of inflation

Chats with influential people around the world

  1. Paul Fisher, ex Bank of England and MPC and I discuss:
  2. Inflation
  3. Quantitative Easing
  4. Interest rate setting by Central Banks
  5. Fiscal Policy
  6. Economic Growth
  7. Paul and I answer questions from previous chats
  8. Carmelo Ferlito CEO of the Center for Market Education, Malaysia
  9. RTDtv Detroit “Live with Mike”
  10. Daniel Lacalle Chief Economist at Tressi
  11. Crypto currencies with Rian McKay in Australia
  12. “Drive time” on the Voice of Islam Radio
  13. 19/5/23

Blog articles in descending order back to 2015

  1. Stagflation and why government makes things worse
  2. Pandemic 2020: Look Back in Anger
  3. What a disaster negative rates of interest would be for the economy
  4. Deflation: that sinking feeling
  5. Why we need economists on expert committees
  6. Central Banks and their role in the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and the 2020 Global Economic Crisis
  7. Imagine that there was a Reverse Income Tax
  8. MMT mistake 1: Cause of inflation and hyperinflation
  9. MMT mistake 2: The quantity and role of money
  10. MMT mistake 3: The rate of interest
  11. MMT mistake 4: The Job Guarantee
  12. Free market capitalism: it`s their future
  13. Debt fuelled crises are always caused by governments never ever by private debt
  14. A critique of The Quantity Theory of Credit
  15. Quantity theory of money for Keynesians
  16. Brexit and beyond
  17. Brexit: the hard facts, soft facts and myths
  18. Brexit: should we?
  19. Fluctuations in economic activity: only one cause
  20. The four fallacies of the coming economic apocalypse
  21. Current account deficit on the balance of payments: the most damning statistic
  22. The vital difference between capital adequacy and liquidity
  23. Money, Money Supply, Money Creation and Monetary Demand.
  24. Interventionist v less interventionist schools of economic thought
  25. Sad day when I have to say I told you so
  26. Great news from the FOMC but….
  27. The many meanings of liquidity
  28. The best way to complete monetary reform with maximum impact and minimum change
  29. Professor A W Phillips would turn in his grave if he knew how Keynesians had corrupted his curve
  30. Capitalism: is it worth fighting for?
  31. A reappraisal of interest rates and market interest rates
  32. The mystery of exchange rate determination solved
  33. China is only the trigger…
  34. Unwinding the euro
  35. Decades of mistakes: what the Bank of England got wrong in the 1920s,1970s, 1980`s, 2000`s…..?
  36. Government spending does not cause the economy to grow
  37. Which is the best measure of inflation and changes in the value of money?
  38. Accounting identities cannot be violated: the budget and the balance of payments
  39. Equality and inequality: a non-conforming economist`s view
  40. A balanced budget: goodbye fiscal policy
  41. Understanding monetarism
  42. Keynes was a monetarist
  43. Deflation: an abject failure of the Bank of England`s policy
  44. Understanding and misunderstanding QE
  45. An imaginary meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee
  46. The bubble will burst (just don`t ask me when?)
  47. Understanding monetary policy: a synthesis of the old and the new
  48. Are demand management policies the solution or a mass delusion?
  49. The cause of the Eurozone/EU/Worldwide continuing crisis
  50. Austerity or profligacy in government finances?
  51. A fiscal stimulus (written after the 2009 G20 meeting)
  52. What really happened in the seventies?
  53. Look for the ticking time bomb in the budget
  54. A mistaken estimate of what QE can do (letter to the FT 30/3/2015)

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